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"Excellent Strength and Conditioning program that suits my profession as a Firefighter. It challenged me, but also continually encouraged me to work to completion."

Richie C.

"I started your program six weeks before my annual Bomb Tech re-qualification. Your workouts are legit and I found a renewed enthusiasm to go to the gym! Not only did I get some solid increases in my 1RM's but I turned up in good shape and knocked over the physical testing easily."

Patrick M.

"This program was obviously targeted at Tactical Athletes (and they definitely hit the mark there), but they could also be used by the general population looking to push themselves. I loved the balanced approach with a good combination of Strength work and Energy system conditioning."

Simon P.

"A mate and I recently finished the first program and we both experienced some serious gains on our Squat, Deadlift & Benchpress. Not only this, but the circuits and conditioning kicked us into serious shape! It was great to experience a tactical athlete style program and along with your customer support, you have secured us as customers for life!"

Rosyth J.

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