About us

Skilled Athlete 🇦🇺  By Australian Veterans.
Quality over Quantity, ability above all else.

What do we actually do?

We do apparel, Strength & Conditioning and awesome gear. We don't do "mil-spec or military grade" - anyone that's actually used "military grade" equipment knows what that actually means. Crap. So we do whatever the opposite is of "mil-spec."

We provide an unparalleled selection of the very best quality products because we understand that jazzy pictures & cool digital promotions just don't cut the mustard. Our priority is to get the fit and feel right and we're pretty fussy. 

We do Strength & Conditioning programs. How do you cut through the fluff? For starters, if you're looking for a "21 day booty workout" or 7 minute ab program, you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for a solid program based on real world applications - functional strength & endurance you're in the right place. Be warned, we use strong language to create discipline.

We sell Memorial items for Charity.

Part of our business model is to pay it forward. Our Memorial products are exactly that, we use our exposure as a business to raise funds and awareness for Australian Veterans. Our aim here is quite simple, we strongly believe in paying it forward and if we can encourage others to join us, we're winning. We care about our community of veterans, young and old, and help out where we can. 

We carry our heritage with pride which is why you'll see the Australian flag flying proudly on our products, we're here to distinguish ourselves from the international market.