The Athlete

Key Components:
  • Build a bigger engine
  • Run, Swim, Row
  • Perfect add-on to your sport, program or favourite activity
  • Improve your running
  • Improve your rowing
  • Improve your swimming
  • Excel in your chosen career, sport or hobby.
  • 3 days per week
  • 12 Weeks in Program
  • Rest, Recovery & Periodisation
  • Access on our App

Assumptions of you:

You can run, your application of technique is well above average
You can swim, as above
You can row, again, as above
You are pro-active at addressing your deficits, skill or conditioning wise
*This program is available in conjunction with some of our other programs. It applies concepts that are industry standards for professional athletes.
For example, fighters seeking to increase their work capacity and stamina in conjunction with their regular training sessions, or military professionals seeking to increase their running endurance.

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