The Functional

If we had to describe this program in as little words as possible?
Performance Bodybuilding.
Number one, this program is SPICY šŸŒ¶.
Number two, it's full of complex movements & lifts.
Number three, it is NOT for the squeamish.
Number four, think heavy lifting with high intensity circuits.
If you love things like Snatches, Cleans, Squats, Deadlifts, Burpees, Rowers, Air Bikes & Running put together into a delicious cocktail, this is for you.
Key Components:
  • 1 Workout per day
  • 10 Weeks in Program
  • Rest, Recovery & Periodisation
  • Build Strength
  • BuildĀ Stamina
  • Functional Circuits
  • Access on your Mobile

You run, swim, roll, wrestle, spar & lift. Functional Fitness without the fluff. Running in small doses. Lifting minus the ego.

Everything you need for the real world.


Remember, workouts make you tired. It's good programming that makes you stronger.

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