Week 10 - 3.2

Week 10 - 3.2 "Pool Circuit"

June 11, 2018

Week 9 - 3.2 Pool Circuit

  • Warm up - 10 min easy swim, any stroke.
  • Cool down - 10 min easy swim, any stroke, post circuit.

Pool Circuit - Find yourself a lane near the edge because you’ll be getting out of it frequently. The exercises take place at each end and the halfway mark of the pool. So essentially you have 3 stations of exercises. Your 20 min AMRAP starts with:

  • 10x Tricep dips on the edge, swim to next station, get out
  • 10x Burpees, swim to next station, get out,
  • 10x Cadence Push ups, back in, return. 
  • Rinse Repeat, 20 minute AMRAP.

Lower yourself back into the water, do not dive. Any forward stroke, is permitted and as you're in the water, your comfort in water and swimming ability will dictate your AMRAP time.

Pool Length? Preferably 30m or more.

IF you are not at the standard where you are able to attempt or complete these, have a look at our Complete Strength & Conditioning Program, successfully completing this program will bring you to the level where you are able to set competitive times in workouts like these. You should already have a firm base before attempting this volume of training and our programs are developed to get you there.

For a run down on the exact structure of this program click here

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