Clarification in regards to our Free Workouts

Clarification in regards to our Free Workouts

March 12, 2018

At the outset, our Workout Of the Day from week 1 alluded to the structure of the Free WOD Program. There’s been some questions in regards to structure, and how recovery is programmed, which I’ll address below.

The workouts we’re offering come from a program based on 2 sessions per day. 1 session is Strength or Muscular Endurance and the next session is Cardiovascular Development. In that regards, you can grab each workout as it comes daily, or you can bank it and run both sessions as written in the program and perform two sessions per day. The denominations 1.1 and 1.2 - 2.1, 2.2 etc work as follows: 1.1 means training day one, session one. 1.2 means training day one session two and so forth.

Each block has a three week loading phase and a one week de-load phase. No extra sessions of resistance training, strength and/or endurance are recommended due to the significant volume in the program. Extra sessions can lead to overtraining and fatigue and/or injury leading into competition. Where specified, Strength Exercise weight loads are to be conducted with a % of weight that can be lifted as 1RM at good technique. Sets are NOT to be conducted to failure unless explicitly stated and weight should be adjusted accordingly.

Warmup with 2-3 sets of the movement of each exercise prior to beginning the work listed as the workout. 5-10 minutes of specific movement warming up the motion and activity for your cardiovascular work.

Impact cardio (Weighted or clean-skin) is cycled with at minimum 1 day non-impact cardio for, amongst others, injury prevention purposes. If a training session is missed for that day, continue the program as written. Consider the session lost as recovery gained, attempting to include this on another day will induce unnecessary stress and is strongly discouraged.

For your situational awareness, the Free Workout Of the Day is a copy/paste from a highly specific program addressing a certain athletes exact specifications. It was written and formulated according to their individual strengths & weaknesses, time-frame and specific goal. The program, along with correct rest, recovery and nutrition was highly successful as it achieved everything it was written for.

If you've got the knowledge and want to use the information and workouts we post to modify them for your own needs, feel free to do so. Either pass on the credit, or claim it as your own - that's your decision as an individual.

Keep in mind we’re posting workouts which originate from a highly structured and time-consuming program for free. At the end of the day, our free WOD’s and articles are supplementation to our paid content and are by no means exhaustive when we bring certain principles to your attention. If you want more, it costs more than $0 - with our free content you're only seeing the tip of the iceberg, for obvious reasons.


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