Week 10 - 5.2

Week 10 - 5.2 "Post Interval Circuit"

June 15, 2018

Week 10 - 5.2  "Post Interval Circuit"

Get on the scales. You're working with 75% of what you weigh.

  • Circuit - 5 Rounds
  • 8x repetitions of:
  • Front squat,
  • 20x 16kg Single Arm Overhead Walking Lunges,
  • Deficit Deadlifts.

Rest 2 min between rounds.

As a reminder to those who have been following this program verbatim, there are two workouts per day, which means you would have just completed (weighted) Intervals earlier this morning. The structure is there for a reason. Adhere to it.

Make sure you warm up correctly prior to commencing.
Do maths, 75% of what you weigh - this is the weight you're putting on the bar.

If you are unable to maintain the weight, do NOT lower the weight, scale the number of repetitions. If you are unable to perform Front Squats due to a lack of strength or flexibility, replace with Back Squat. Never sacrifice form for repetitions.

IF you are not at the standard where you are able to attempt or complete these, or you want a program to improve at any of these activities, have a look at our Complete Strength & Conditioning Program, successfully completing this program will bring you to the level where you are able to set competitive times in workouts like these. You should already have a firm base before attempting this volume of training and our programs are developed to get you there.

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1. Before conducting any physical activity we recommend seeing a medical practitioner or health specialist.
2. Do not attempt any activity if you are injured or suffering any medical condition without consulting a physician or health specialist.
3. Skilled Athlete and the Author accept no liability for any injury sustained while participating in activities mentioned in this WOD. By conducting the program you as the individual or group accept full liability.
4. We recommend using serviced and functional equipment to conduct all activities.
5. All advice is only given as a guide. Skilled Athlete accept no liability for damages sustained as a result.

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