Intro to Strength & Conditioning Day 1, Week 1

Intro to Strength & Conditioning Day 1, Week 1

May 20, 2018 1 Comment

Day 1

Warm Up – 5 mins on the elliptical or rowing machine at a low pace followed by mobility stretching through both upper and lower body.

Barbell Bench Press 1RM test (repetition max) – Complete adequate warm up on the bench, gradually increasing weight with low reps then using a spotter determine the maximum weight you can press for one rep, record results to use later. (Remember to jump on the bench and go through the motions with just the bar and some light weights before going heavy).

Check out these lads for a quick tutorial:

•Barbell Squat 1RM test – increase to max as per bench, record weight. Check this out for some assistance with technique

Run/walk – Medium pace. 5 Min walk, then 5 Min run. Repeat for 3 sets (30mins)

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