November 23, 2018 1 Comment

Here’s an observation.


There are individuals who train to their strengths instead of weaknesses, continually widening the gap between their strengths & weaknesses. Often, an expert in one area, is a novice in others.

The world around us is becoming increasingly hostile. At face value, you’ve got no idea who you might encounter, what they’re capable of and what their intentions might be. Now put this into perspective for military, law enforcement or other professions where you’re likely to encounter others who wish to do yourself or others harm.

Cardiovascular endurance and physical strength are force multipliers. They enhance or increase the efficiency of your current skill level, they are not a skill in itself.


“You’re just really good at exercising.”


Let’s point out an inconvenient truth.

The current political state of our Government is more focused on pleasing the masses than it is focused on what their core function should be. But this isn’t laying the blame on the organisations tasked with protecting our society.

Let’s change the narrative to personal accountability, instead of shifting the blame to a faceless collective. Let’s plant it firmly at the feet of individuals’ who knowingly and willingly place themselves in a position where a lack of self reflection can have lethal consequences.

Being hard to kill isn’t solely physical. It is a mental state which allows for calm and peace in situations that are anything but normal. It is a mentality that can help keep every other aspect in your life in check as well.

Confidence is a certainty of our aptitude to engage with the world. A self-confident person is able to act on opportunities, rise to new challenges, take control of difficult situations, and accept responsibility and criticism if things go wrong.


“We’re stuck in a society of ticking boxes, where education does not equal intelligence, and physical employment standards do not translate to ability.”


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December 06, 2018

“Pleasing the masses” which I translate to trying not piss off anyone. Well from my normal civilian life hard decisions need to be made throughout that journey and not making them is just denial that bites your ass further down the track.

Politicians in this country are obsessed with self image and getting voted in next time round. In essence they are turning service into a life long career of privilege and position. That’s not how you run anything, let alone a country.

Australian citizens need to move from apathy and comfort to thought and provocation to force the change in our politicians mentality.

The paradox here is that the voting citizens of Australia will too need to endure pain and change to have a better future with real leaders.

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