All programs have been run, and trialed by our team. We're intimately aware of depth and effect of each session and program. As such, a lot of time and development has gone into each program to ensure it is 100% effective. All subscriptions have the option to ask questions below each session, request substitute exercises in case you're injured, or any other queries you might have. Direct feedback will be given by our coaches.
The Workout of the Day Program is free, you simply need to sign in below to view it - no subscription required.
All other subscriptions include a free 7 day trial: 
  • Strength & Conditioning Program ($24,95 per month)
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What to expect:
This program will have you balls deep in sweat and pain throughout. You will be tested both physically and mentally. You will be pushed and it’s up to you to push back. This is the environment that has forged the author and team at Skilled Athlete, we don’t accept the bare minimum from ourselves or each other, and we want to instil this attitude into you through these chapters.

Where we differ lies in our ability to create a program that will hurt and maintain progressive results. A correctly structured program is your best weapon to combat injury – Listen to your body. We won’t tear you a new one without adequately recovering that part of your body before doing it again. This is where we’re different, we want you to finish and we want your body to adapt to the change. It’s how you achieve continual results - stick to the program.

The fitness market is over-run with fluff, bullshit and "look at me" personalities. We're allergic to bullshit, if you're looking for a 30 day booty workout, you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for programs written by Industrial Athletes who use physical performance to excel in a profession where it matters, then you're in the right place. We'll tell you how it is, what it is and when to do it. But most importantly:

We'll give you the tools and the guidance, the rest is up to you.


What is included in the Strength & Conditioning Program?
Aside from the fact this is a comprehensively developed, tried and tested program, you have the ability to post questions to the coaches & receive guidance on your performance.

Why should I subscribe?
You've seen the layout of our Free Workout of the Day Program, and this is our paid content, so you can expect a whole lot more. We provide highly descriptive workouts, with detailed videos explaining exactly how, and what you need to be doing. And following that, if you still have questions regarding the workouts, you have access to our coaches, staff and other members.

Are your programs suitable for women? But what about (insert generic Instagram fitness name) 30 day transformation plan?
Yes, our programs are suitable for women. But, a 30 day transformation plan? 
Let's put it this way, if we put you in a concentration camp, fed you one bowl of rice a day, and had you do nothing else but jumping jacks for one minute each day. You'll be transformed, that much you won't even believe it. You won't be healthy, but you'll be transformed.
It is physically possible to transform someone in 30 days, no worries at all. But it is virtually impossible to change someone psychologically in 30 days, read this to find out more on the psychology of creating a habit. Once you understand that physical aesthetics are just the exterior aspect of what a body is capable of, you'll also understand that the mind is solely responsible for it. Physical performance and the aesthetics that come with them, are a never ending mental journey. We aren't going to take you for a ride to a destination, because that "destination" doesn't exist. We're going to help you learn to love the process.
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