The Cure Program

Key Components:
  • Introduction to Strength & Conditioning
  • Lead-in to the Complete S&C Program
  • 1 Workout per day
  • 5 to 6 days per week
  • 4 Weeks in Program
  • Rest & Recovery
  • Establish Baseline Metrics
  • Accountability
  • Direct Access to Coaches & Support
  • Establish and build your foundation to progress
  • Establish a Strength & Conditioning Routine
  • Access on your Mobile

This program was designed by coaches who rain from Military, Law Enforcement and Private Contracting all with fitness qualifications and experience in coaching and owning fitness establishments. With our diverse backgrounds we aim to cut out the bullshit and the fads and make you work, sweat and even want to quit. But when you don't quit, the results and self-confidence will come.

This program was written after countless friends and acquaintances reached out, looking for a solution to their current situation. It is for those have fallen off the wagon, or those who have never really gotten on track with their goals.

Some of these guys used to be fit, and some openly admit that they just couldn’t be bothered. Some not knowing what to do, how to do it, or in what order.

We will give you a session a day, be it weights, a light circuit and/or just a walk and stretch. We’re not here to baby you through this, We’ll give you a tool and guidance along the way, but you must be the one to use it. 

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The Who and What:

The Cure Program was designed to target a couple of audiences. 
Those who used to have a decent level of fitness, but just fell off the wagon and are looking for a method to return to former glory. 

But most importantly, a group we consider to be deserving of our time and effort, those who have fallen into a bad routine as result of negative events in their lives; those who may suffer depression, PTSD, you name it. Basically anything that is stopping them from getting, and staying active.
If you’re keen to get moving... We'll provide the solution, in the shape of this program, our direct support to you and the structure & discipline you need to achieve your goals. 

But it doesn't stop there. 

Our goal is to get you moving, and once we've accomplished that, the next goal is to keep you moving.

Without getting too scientific, on average it takes four to six weeks to break a bad habit or routine. The Cure program is designed to get you out of that slump and give you the structure you might not realise you need. Four weeks won't turn you into a greek adonis, but it is the beginning of the journey towards whatever it is you want it to be.

Gym fees, plus the cost of a Personal Trainer these days are ridiculous, and to be honest, the standards are poor at best. We can't help you with the gym fees, but we can tell you to shop around and find a good deal that suits your budget. Start small, and ask for a one month trial. 
What we'll do is give you a comprehensive guideline to get you off your ass and into the gym with our help and guidance. All you need is your smartphone to view your daily session.

We're not going to tell you this short four week program will have you competing in the next Olympics. But we can guarantee, if you follow the program as written, you're already on track to improving your physical and mental state.

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We see time and time again that E-Books and online programs are here to make it easy for you. Clearly these muppets haven't got a clue, offence intended. If you think maintaining or achieving a good physical condition is something easy. Well, you can always re-visit those clowns selling you the easy option. We're not going to dress something up to make it look appealing to you, we're going to give it to you straight. Because let's be real, diamonds are created under pressure. A lack of pressure doesn't create anything.

Our Cure Program is designed to build a base level of speed, power and strength & conditioning. But what does that mean? It means you’ll be functional, it means you’ll be more capable than when you started. This program is designed to TEST some elements of fitness and strength while focusing on teaching you how to maintain a structured workout regime.

Fitness is a lifestyle not a loan. Compare it to a savings account you make daily, weekly and monthly contributions to. As cliche as it sounds, we want you to become the machine, we want you to begin the best lifestyle possible. You've got to start somewhere, where else would you rather start?

Our methodology is quite simple, use this program and the exercise to heal yourself from the struggles of daily life. There is absolutely no substitute to fixing a bad day, but physical exertion. Once you experience this fully, you'll completely understand this.

Each day we’ll give you your daily workout. It might consist of strength and cardio or purely a conditioning session. You will need access to a gym and/or fitness equipment. As this is a digital portal, we endeavour to provide you with as much clarity, information and detail as possible. If it still remains unclear - technique, lingo and other fitness jargon can be googled. Failing this, you can always post on the forum and our coaches will help you.

If you choose to proceed, you do so of your own free will, and therefore we accept no liability for you.

In closing, all workouts have been completely tried and tested by our coaches, which is a very different to most approaches when it comes to programming.

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Once completed, we will keep you going, we want you to keep going. This is the base level and a routine, the foundation has been made, the real progress is made by progressing through the follow on programs we offer you.

A brief overview of what is included in your subscription:


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