Intro to Strength & Conditioning

This program has been designed by fitness coaches who rain from Military, Law Enforcement and Private Military Contracting all with fitness qualifications and experience in coaching and owning fitness establishments.

We have designed this program to help build a structured daily exercise regime for people looking to get into shape and change their lifestyle. We will TEST part of your fitness, then we will give you a daily workout, which could be weights, cardio or just a stretch. We will build a routine. The foundation to any progress.

The ‘4 Week Get Off Your Ass Program’ Is designed for people who have minimal to no experience in the gym or for those who lost track of their fitness and want to get back into shape. This program is designed specifically to build you a routine – a foundation for your progress. You will be tested on your base level of fitness and then given a daily workout to keep you on track. This program is the perfect place to start no matter where you’re at.

So if you’re keen to get moving and apply the structure and discipline required to achieve goals, then this is for you.

And once completed, we will keep you going. This is the base level and a routine, the foundation has been made - next up is real progress in Volume 1, 2 & 3

You can purchase the E-Book directly through our website. After payment you will receive a download link for the PDF file which can be used to download the E-Book to whichever device you choose to read it on.

There's also the possibility to download it from the Apple iBooks store and view it on your favourite Apple Device by clicking this link.

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