You’re going to the gym and busting out that same basic routine you’ve been at for years  because it worked 6 years ago? Stop being lazy. Because that's what sticking to the same program is making you. Complacent and comfortable. Comfort is a slow death.

We're not selling you a "secret formula" or some "program the fitness industry wants to keep a secret." If it smells like bullshit, it probably is. We're not selling shake-weights, or 7 minute abs. We take this seriously, so should you.

You want results, you go with the guys who rely on Strength & Stamina because their lives, and their mates depend on it.

The programs have been designed by fitness coaches from Military, Law Enforcement and Private Military Contracting all with the fitness qualifications and experience in coaching and owning fitness establishments.

We have designed this program to help build a structured daily exercise regime for people looking to get into shape and change their lifestyle. We will TEST part of your fitness, then we will give you a daily workout

 We will build a routine. The foundation to any progress.