Cardiovascular Development

Cardiovascular Development

February 15, 2018

Cardiovascular Development 1.2
Background info. The workouts we’re offering you come from a program based on 2 sessions per day. 1 session is strength/muscular endurance and the next session is cardiovascular development. You can grab each workout as it comes, or you can bank it and run both sessions as written in the program - your call. The denominations 1.1 and 1.2 - 2.1, 2.2 etc work as follows: 1.1, training day one, session one. 1.2 training day one session 2 and so forth.
IF you are not at the standard where you are able to attempt or complete these, have a look at our Intro to Strength & Conditioning. You should already have a firm base before attempting this volume of training.

About the workout. Always warm up, stretch etc before commencing. We recommend having a Heart Rate monitor, and already know your max. HR, and optimal HR zones. You should also maintain the 10% rule. For example, if your first interval is 4:15, do not deviate from this time by more or less than 10%. If you are unable to stay within the 10%, stop. We’re looking for consistency over an extended period of training.

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1. Before conducting any physical activity we recommend seeing a medical practitioner or health specialist.
2. Do not attempt any activity if you are injured or suffering any medical condition without consulting a physician or health specialist.
3. Skilled Athlete and the Author accept no liability for any injury sustained while participating in activities mentioned in this WOD. By conducting the program you as the individual or group accept full liability.
4. We recommend using serviced and functional equipment to conduct all activities.
5. All advice is only given as a guide. Skilled Athlete accept no liability for damages sustained as a result.

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