Remember the story about Walking Wounded?

Remember the story about Walking Wounded?

May 13, 2018 1 Comment

Remember the ABC 7.30 program and the previous article we wrote regarding the charity "Walking Wounded" and the fraud allegations against them? Here's a refresher in case you're unaware of the story.
"Queensland police are investigating allegations that a charity set up to help Afghanistan war veterans was defrauded of $1.3 million.
The ABC 7.30 program revealed concerns by some veterans and families of soldiers who died in Afghanistan that money donated to the charity, Walking Wounded, was not used for stated aims such as counselling and rehabilitation services.
In response to the story, the head of the Australian War Memorial has also called on the founder of Walking Wounded, Brian Freeman, to return a Roll of Honour listing the names of soldiers killed in the conflict." Dated: 11 April 2018.
Well, we sure haven't forgotten about it. See the previous article by clicking here. 
We co-exist in a very small community of warrior-minded individuals who look after each other at the best, and worst of times. We also take it upon ourselves to hunt those down who take advantage of others. And when the parties who are being taken advantage of, happen to be veterans and the families of fallen soldiers, our blood runs very hot indeed. We have and will continue to look into this matter.
For those interested, this was the reply from the Executive Officer of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.


"Good afternoon Mr Hanlon,

The Memorial was appalled to learn of Mr Freeman’s alleged actions and the manner in which he appears to have used the Roll of Honour for his own enrichment. The allegations against him are indeed grave, especially given he claimed his activities were intended to better the lives of our veterans and their families.

I assure you that we have reached out to Mr Freeman to ask him to donate the Roll to the Memorial as he originally informed us he planned to do so that we can take care of it as part of the National Collection and honour those listed on it appropriately. To date we have received no response.

I further understand that the police are now investigating this matter and look forward to their uncovering the truth in this matter in due course. I am sure that the police are treating this case with all due diligence and care, they have their own Roll of Honour and I am sure they too feel the actions of Mr Freeman most keenly.

Thank you for your concern in this matter, I am very hopeful that it will be appropriately resolved in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Widenbar - Executive Officer

Office of the Director, Australian War Memorial"

The Australian War Memorial initially donated the Roll of Honour to Mr. Freeman under the agreement that it was to be used to raise funds and awareness as part of his Walking Wounded charity and returned afterwards. Instead he's used it to generate income for his own personal excursions and to date has not returned the Roll of Honour.
We have been in contact with numerous parties to get to the bottom of this matter. In the meantime, Mr. Freeman and his for-profit company have removed all imagery and ties linking himself and the Roll of Honour. He has previously used the Roll of Honour to promote his business for personal gain, and when requested to return it, has instead gone mute. According to the correspondence from the Executive Officer of the Australian War Memorial, the whereabouts of the Roll of Honour is still unknown.
Whilst Queensland Police are still investigating this matter, we would like to remind everyone that the Digger Net is an extremely potent organism that reaches far and wide. Ask around, let's get the Roll of Honour returned to the Australian War Memorial.
Any tips regarding the whereabouts of the Roll of Honour or any information at all, please forward this to Queensland Police, or contact us if you'd like to know more.

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January 29, 2019

I was employed by Freeman at the very start of this charity, as the “Master Planner”. I quit after 3 hours…literally. Don’t have much info but am happy to help if I can

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